Every Parisian Living LP is painstakingly nailed together, from superfine original contributions,
performed by our highly polished musicians and singers, whenever possible, by whatever
means necessary!
"Massive In A Parallel Universe" was recorded in the French Alps, overdubbed in Reading (UK)
and finalised in Transylvania. Thirteen songs of old-school style illuminated by a certain
English sensibility are offered for your entertainment. We mixed it on earphones as well as
reference speakers so it sounds great on your mobile device.

CD Booklet

The songs were hewn, sculpted and galvanised in various rehearsal rooms, pubs and home studios between 1999 and 2005, with the notable exception of "Fray Bentos Is A Place (In Uruguay)".

Drums, bass, guide vocals and some guitar, keyboard and saxophone parts were recorded at Studio Tom, alias Tim and Louise's ski chalet "Le Mouille Fetu" in Argentiere, La France on the last weekend of May in 2006. Huge kudos are due to Timksi (Grand Computer Wizard No.1) for enabling Parisian Living to record at 4000 feet above sea level, in 14-track, on a laptop!
Our "fractured tango" piece "Fray Bentos Is A Place" was written by the band in Studio Tom. Lyrics were scribbled by Mike on a sheet of A4 that evening, and guide vocals were added the next day.

The tracks were overdubbed with guitars, keyboards, horns, and lead and backing vocals by our engineer, guest guitarist and former Parizzo, Manic Mike (Grand Computer Wizard No.3) at his own Snakepit Sounds in Reading and then at his new facility, named Heavy Glow Studio, out in the woods near Woolhampton. New sounds used on a Parisian Living album for the first time included trumpet, piano-accordion and David's Theremin. We also took the Snakepit Sounds Mobile to Bongo Billy's Bunker at New Greenham Park (formerly Greenham Common airbase) to record the percussion overdubs.