PARISIAN LIVING's current line-up still features the original five musicians who formed the band in 1981.

JOHN, lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, 29, born in what is now Tanzania, formerly of the Bop Natives and the Downbeats, not to mention the Tulsa Torpedoes, and still in The Mudcats, in which he was/is bass player, but his real genius lies in his fluid, soulful vocal delivery. Also plays guitar hot enough to melt the tyres on your Ford.
Greatest Hit; "Thang" from "Negative Entropy"- a song he wrote in the first flush of Parisianism, delivered with verve and a searing side order of lead guitar.


ALAN, drums, lead and backing vocals, percussion, guitar, 29, born in Hersham, plays a much-customised Sonor kit from the 70's at least. Parisian Living recordings also feature his collection of percussion instruments from around the globe, and from the music shops of Southern England.
His Greatest Hit- "Jungle Harmony" which remains in the songbook but has never got further than a demo. Next time, bruv!


TIM, alias Timski, the Time Lord, aka Tom Burns, synths and bass synths, 29, from another galaxy, he was recruited because he owned a synthesiser and knew about electronics. He has now achieved success in the world of telecoms equipment. He steals mobile phones! Only joking, Tom! If he says he can do it, Tim can do it.
Timski's Greatest Hit- "Take Me To Your Leader" from the new LP "Massive In A Parallel Universe"- synths, piano and a great guitar solo, it's justifiably the opening track.
Parisian Living is jealous. Very, very jealous. Tim has now officially retired from the rat race and spends his life skiing and otherwise messing about in a winter sports stylee on the slopes of the French Alps. In the evenings, he does his own solo jazz shows and also plays guitar and bass in several bands in the Argentiere - Chamonix area. In summer, he and Louise jump in their camper van and travel to the surfing beaches of Europe.
However, there’s a fly in the ointment. The ski chalet “Le Mouille Fetu” is under threat from a plan to build a new tunnel and avalanche refuge under the mountain behind the house. Timski and Louise are now suing the French government (and who among us can honestly say they haven’t wanted to do that at some time in their lives?) to save their livelihood. Fortunately the wheels of French local politics grind very slowly, and “Le Mouille Fetu” looks safe for the time being.
Parisian Living can never repay Tim and Lou for the great favour of allowing us to record the basic tracks for "Massive In A Parallel Universe" at their redoubt in Argentiere.


MIKE, bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitar, trombone, 29, also a Hersham boy, Alan's brother by blood, lyricist and creative engine of the group.
Mike also played alongside Alan in the Fargin Bastages, a half-Irish folk-rock band. We're really sincerely sorry for our culpability in the current folk-rock revival.
Mike's Greatest Hit- paying for all this! No, seriously "Dr Strangelove" from "Another Load From The Muthalode" is a popular streaming choice and has had radio plays on WVOF in Fairfield, Conn., USA.
Mike is point of contact for Parisian Living; (0)118 9423807